For a green future

Protecting the environment and our beautiful mountain landscape of the Aurina Valley is very important to us.
Our vision: „to make our decisions as sustainable as possible “.
Sustainable thinking runs through all areas of our hotel, from the arrival and the departure to the stay and the cuisine of our restaurant “Rosmarin”.

-Be the change you wish to see in the world. –



-going on holiday with a clear conscience-

The residence Hotel Alpinum works to 100% with renewable energy, the hydropower.
Even in pre-industrial times, hydropower was used to drive mills, sawmills and hammer mills.
And today it is still used to generate sustainable energy.
We were awarded with the certificate from the “European Energy Certificate System”.


We are connected to the municipal district heating network,
which is heated 100% with wood chips from the surrounding forests.
Thus, we promote small cycles, and heat one hundred percent renewable.


The abundance and quality of water in the Aurina Valley is enormous.
This element is very valuable and it is important to preserve and protect it in ist purest form.
From all our taps and showers there only flows the mineral-rich spring water of the Aurina Valley.
It comes directly from the springs of the waterfall peak, „Bad Winkel “and „Pojen”.